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My Kitchen - page, when you can't decide what to cook

Choose the ingredients you have at hand in your Kitchen or would like to use in a recipe and the page will suggest some ideas for you.
If multiple ingredients are selected, then all recipes that have at least three ingredients selected as part of the recipe will be displayed. The selected ingredients to find in the recipe appear when you hover over the recipe image. In the displayed text you will find a short description of the recipe as well as the number and a list of the selected ingredients that can be found in the recipe. Recipes are also sorted by the number of ingredients selected, so the recipe with the most ingredients selected is always at the top.
Use cases:
- If you have many ingredients to consume, you can select them all and select the results with the highest number of ingredients. This way you get the recipes with the most ingredients you want to use.
- If you can't decide what to cook, you can select several ingredients that you have on hand and the tool will offer you several recipes that you can make with them.
Hope the tool helps to find you the perfect recipe for you and for the moment when you are using it. I wish you bon appetite and a lot of fun preparing the selected Recipe.


Suggested Recipes: