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From a Pot: Korean Honey Butter Bread

Korean Honey Butter Bread

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, Korean honey butter bread.

Korean Honey Butter Bread - Title of the Recipe

Have you ever been to South Korea? If you have never been, and you have an option to go, please do. It’s one of my favourite countries when it comes to food, fashion and culture. I love it so much. We should go back to visit this year or the next. If you have never been there, you probably don’t know that their bread is sweet. It’s not like our bread that we have in Europe. It’s kinda like white toast, but sweeter, like the bread that you would get in America.

Anyway, one of my favourite desserts in Korean cafés was baked bread with honey, butter and various toppings such as ice cream, chocolate, fruits … This dessert is easy to prepare with simple ingredients that you usually already have at home, and it’s so delicious.

I used white toast for this recipe, because I never saw the kind of bread that they have in Korea over here, the taste is similar, so feel free to use toast.

Prep Time

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Bake Time:

20 Minutes

Total Time:

30 Minutes


  • Parchment paper
  • Baking tray
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
Nutritional values
Nutrition Label of the Recipe. Value: 604 calories
Shopping List
  • White bread: 100.0 g
  • Honey
  • Butter: 20.0 g
  • Cinnamon

Ingredients and Instructions


Field to change the scale in the recipe. The meaning of the number depends on the type of recipe and can mean the number of servings or the number of products obtained from the recipe.(Korean Honey Butter Bread)


Korean Honey Butter Bread

  • White bread: 100 g

  • Honey: 3 tbsp

  • Butter: 20 g

  • Cinnamon: 0.5 tsp


  • Honey

  • Blueberries

  • Ice cream


Korean Honey Butter Bread


White bread: 100 g

Honey: 3 tbsp

Butter: 20 g

Cinnamon: 0.5 tsp

  1. Cut about 2 cm grid like patterns over the bread and make sure the bread keeps its shape.
  2. Spread honey and pieces of butter between the cubes and on top of the bread with a spoon or a knife. Sprinkle the bread with cinnamon.
  3. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius (356 F) for about 15 - 20 minutes, or until the bread is slightly browned and the butter is melted.
  4. When the honey bread is baked, serve it with ice cream, fresh fruit and pour a little more honey on top.


Korean Honey Butter Bread - altKorean Honey Butter Bread - altKorean Honey Butter Bread - altKorean Honey Butter Bread - alt


  • Which bread to use?
  • I mentioned above already that I used white toast, but you can use other types of fluffy, soft white bread.
  • What toppings to use?
  • Be creative … For example, you can use salted caramel, whipped cream, fresh fruit, maple syrup, and ice cream.

Fun Facts:

  • Since this blog post is all about Korean bread, let me tell you about the time that we wanted some eggs, and we didn’t have any bread to go with. We stayed in Korea for about a month, we were staying in an apartment because we didn’t feel like eating out all the time. Anyway, we wanted eggs with bread for breakfast, so we went to this small convenience store by our apartment to get them. The store owner was this really friendly 아줌마 (ajumma - aunt). She didn’t have any bread to sell, but she went in the back of the store and gave us her own bread to use, it was the friendliest thing ever.
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