From a Pot - Contact and Service

Hi there! I'm glad to see you’re interested in working with me or to just chat with me. You can contact me at

Currently, I’m located in Vienna and work from my home studio, but I’m originally from Slovenia. I’ve decided to write recipes on my blog in three different languages, so that they could be accessible for more people. Each language has an option of separated logic for each site, so if you would like me to promote a product for just one country or just in one language it is a possibility, I can gladly promote the product in all available languages. My photography style is light and airy, I love capturing the mood using soft colours, textures and natural lighting.

I can offer you:

Sponsored content and brand ambassadorship

I love working with brands whose products are a natural fit with my cooking, and cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship by showcasing these products that I know my readers would love as well. I can create original, beautifully photographed recipes using sour products and promote it on my blog and other social media channels. I can also develop new recipes using your products, do sponsored giveaways, sponsored social media posts etc.

Recipe development

I absolutely love creating new recipes or improving already existing ones. Experienced and inexperienced home cooks rely on having dependable, tested recipes that they know they can trust to get the most delicious results. So if you are a company, blog, or a magazine, who is looking for a recipe development service, I can help you with that. I can offer you freelance development service, which can be combined with post writing and photography.

Photography and food styling

As important as it is for my food to taste good, it has to look pretty too. Food photography is actually my favourite thing when it comes to food blogging. As I already mentioned above, I like to style and photograph scenes in natural light. I’ve tried food photography with an artificial light before, but it's just not the same. I like light, warm and cosy photos that make you hungry for the dish presented, so you would like to prepare it in the near future.

Small businesses and back links

If you are just starting out as a food blogger, and you need some help with that, please let me know. As I am a new blogger too I would happily share my experience on the creation process, SEO or anything that you need to succeed on your own. One of the ways I can also help you out are quality backlinks. Backlinks are important for your site to get a high organic page ranking on almost all search engines used. Think of them as “votes” that the search engines use to rank the specific page in their search results.

So if you are looking for exciting new recipes, stunning photos to showcase your products or have another idea, I’d love to chat with you about working together in the future. Contact me on